Where's Baldo?

Baldo; kinda like Waldo, but Baldo.



If you’re reading this is chronological order you will see I haven’t posted up my pictures; technically, I have, but 

I have decided to wait a while.

I may post up some updates, but for now until Spring or Summer 2013, I will not be writing on here.

I will put up the journey later… See ya! 

P.S. Being bald is awesome! 

The Journey

…. To Baldsyness

     I have decided to go bald. The reasons of why I am going bald are endless, but the one I will mention in a little while is my main reason.

 Last year I thought I would end up bald due to different reasons.

What I as contemplating and looking for:

  • I would donate ALL of my hair to make a wig (*insert protest of said mind-set*.)
  • I way for me (and possibly others) to shave off my hair of and get a donation on behalf of a cancer charity.

Yeeeep. Didn’t happen.

     But my not-doing-of-so does not bother me -  not in the least. This is because I have changed philosophies since then. I see now how wigs promote nonacceptance among the bald by choice or no choice communities. I do not, I repeat, do not, want to be a part of that. However, yes, however, I still will be “going bald” in just a matter of time.  

And why is this? … Well, in order to protest the taboo of being bald, especially had as a female. If you haven’t already assumed I was female, I am.

To sum it up: still going bald, but just for extremely different reasons.

     So, to the experiment bit, my only hypothesis to the experiment side of this, which I will document, is: my comfort level will directly affect the results (the response.)

     With all said in this blog, I did want to point out the fact that I have not abandoned my support for the cancer cure initiative and would, in the future of me having hair once again, shave my hair if someone would donate money to cancer research. In the nearer future I will get and bike once again and train for Pelontonia to help raise money for cancer research. 

Next time… I will post pictures and updates.

See you when I see you. 

Balds-out and ta-tas!

- Baldo